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To ensure your items the highest possible degree of safety, the equipment is essential. Our services range from sealing technology on delivery and construction logistics to communications equipment. If you are even dependent on this equipment, but they do not acquire the same for sale, we offer a comprehensive hire service.

They are planning a site for construction delineation or crowds at an event and need a fast and flexible way for the fence? An ideal, and equally cost-effective option in this case form fences. They are ideally suited because of its height, for example, to prevent crowds from entering or in combination with privacy film to look at any sensitive areas.

Easier for people to point the way to block him or, ideally suited Mannheimer grid, also called the grid demo. You can use as a gap at construction sites or events where a slight view the railing is undesirable.

Crash Barriers
These specially designed for large events fences provide maximum protection at or before the crowds and venues.


ring fence



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