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Detective and investigation services cover a wide range of services we can perform for you. Our core business is here to work in department stores and performing inspection services. Here, our experienced staff will strive for protection our customers against financial damages in the form of theft and false statements in contracts.

We always carry our services with the privacy. We come well into the following areas for you to use:


  • Elucidation of theft by its own staff
  • Besides detecting unauthorized activities of an employee
  • Fraud, increased absenteeism, sick leave
  • Storage and transport crime
  • Billing and Expense Fraud
  • Test purchases
  • Economic Crime
  •  Video surveillance private sector



  • Misconduct in partnerships
  • Violations with respect to maintenance obligations
  • Address inquiries
  • Investigation of property damage
  • Monitoring with video observation

In the jurisprudence, is often a lot of that costs incurred to the convicted offender be thrown first. We will inform you beforehand in case individually about your options.



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